Asaki Oda was born just outside of Tokyo and grew up in Brazil, Japan and the United States.

After earning her B.F.A in Set Design from SUNY Purchase College, she worked around New York/Broadway and Tokyo on many projects including installations, theatre, musicals, and operas.

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Asaki joined Anthropologie as a display artist. There she designed and constructed custom shopping environments. Creating innovative displays for the company gave her a wide range of skills and knowledge of installation.

Nearly a decade at that dream job gave her another dream - to create hand crafted, permanent pieces that are original to each environment - homes, stores, restaurants or wherever it needs to be.

Asaki finds joy in material manipulation. She enjoys learning the properties of the material and changing it into something completely different, bringing out the hidden beauty in the material. She also became more aware of the importance of keeping her work environmentally friendly. She gets joy from creating something beautiful from reused materials and finds inspiration in their character.